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Bringing Your Vision to Life

Our aim is to make organization more data driven, generating insights from less traveled paths of Data Analytics and Social Intelligence

Social Intelligence

Our unique social intelligence framework aims to end the dependence on survey and create a faster, accurate and affordable way for the company to interact with the consumers and to gain consumer insights.

Market Research

Our robust research methodologies and innovative process collects data from primary and secondary sources to gain insights into customer preferences, market trends, competitor activities etc

Data Analytics & AI

We use advanced data analytics and Al to leverage the vast amounts of data collected in manufacturing & infrastructure to transform it into valuable insights that drive strategic actions and business success.


We create customized applications to help companies streamline operations, automate tasks, improve communication, enhance productivity and drive innovation for sustainable growth and competitive advantage.


Discover the Power of Strategy

We are a team of skilled analysts dedicated to help businesses like yours unleash their full potential with innovative solutions .

See Us In Action

See how we can help you stand out of the crowd

Make your organisation analytics ready

Structure your data – Proper analysis can only be done if required data is captured in right granularity

Faster, accurate and affordable

Overcome the error prone & time consuming traditional research methods – leverage advanced methodologies and tools to be always updated about customer needs and industry changes

Unlock the true potential of Social media

No better way to learn about your audience, product or services – Analyse the huge volume of interactions through our Social Intelligence

Data analytics made easy

It’s not just statistical number and values – Our priority is to provide insights & recommendations that can be easily implemented across your organisation

How We Work

Transforming your business through creative process

Revenue Optimization

Leveraging data-driven insights to maximize profits and enhance business performance

Market Entry or Product Launches

We help in minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities by providing in-depth consumer insights, competitive analysis and strategic recommendations.

Campaign Design & Analysis

We help in planning, implementing and evaluating marketing or advertising campaigns against properly set industry benchmarks.

Competitor Understanding

Our competitor analysis enables organisations to understand rival strategies, their brand and product perception and campaign objectives.

Innovative solutions for modern business

Our team of talented analysts are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that make an impact. From branding measurement and audience analysis to content creation and digital marketing.

We Are Different

Our vision is to make organizations more data driven, guided by insights derived from data analytics

Rich Qualitative Insights

Analyzing local context and languages, yielding deeper understanding of diverse consumer behaviors and preferences

Look Beyond Surveys

Accurate, affordable, and quicker turnaround solutions that go beyond surveys, encompassing various data collection methods to deliver comprehensive insights

AI + Human Intelligence

Generative AI combined with human intelligence to develop locally trained, industry-specific AI models, enhancing data analysis and decision making process

Not Just Data Dumps

Not just a tool providing some meaningless numbers, a team of professionals working relentlessly to provide valuable insights and actionable recommendations

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Thinking of using Social Media in favour of your business, trying to make your brand aware among the trendy audience or perhaps trying to get an idea about the broader audience of your business not measured previously

Generating insights from the less traveled paths of data analytics

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